What is rush?

At the beginning of Fall Quarter each year, we have rush, a series of informal events where anyone interested can get to know more about the Sisterhood. Rush entails of one week of events at the University of Washington (Seattle) and one week of events at Seattle University. Social events and informational meetings are held so that all interested womxn can come and find out about our sisterhood, meet all of the Ates, talk and chat about any of their questions and get to know us on a personal level!


Why should I rush?

One can never regret rushing for Pi Nu Iota. Here are some of the reasons why our Ates joined the Sisterhood:


Frequently Asked Questions


Sorority girls have bad reputations. What is being an Ate actually like?

Being a part of a Sisterhood is a very beautiful thing. Sadly the stereotype of sororities being party animals and slackers has created assumptions about what a Sisterhood is. We hope that becoming part of Pi Nu Iota, YOU can help the Ates break that stereotype. Female empowerment, cultural awareness, academic excellence and community service are the ideals that found this Sisterhood and also drives us to deconstruct any and all stereotypes that would make people believe otherwise.


Doesn’t it cost tons of money to be part of a sorority?

We won’t lie and say there are no dues, because there are. But because we have no official house, dues are very low. Dues are issued on a quarterly basis and we are flexible enough to allow sisters to pay them when they can. Because we are a non-profit organization, all monies received go directly back into the sisterhood to fund socials, workshops, scholarships, study tables, and Sisterhood events.


Can I join if I’m not Filipina? What if I’m only partially Filipina?

We are a Filipina-Interest sisterhood, which means if you are interested in learning more about the Filipina culture, history, and issues then by all means this is the group for you! We do not discriminate on race, religion, class, etc. We encourage ladies from all backgrounds to rush!


Will pledging take up a lot of time and negatively impact my grades?

We always tell our pledges “You are a student first.” We don’t want the pledging process to take up more time than it should so we continuously tell our pledges that handling anything related to school should be the first priority. Should any pledge need help, we have plenty of resources to help get them back on track. We do have a minimum GPA to pledge but with a little help from our sisters, maintaining and raising grades is an easy goal. Academic excellence is a major priority so we make the pledging process flexible to accommodate all workloads/credit hours.


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