The Sisterhood of Pi Nu Iota is a Filipinx-interest sisterhood at the University of Washington and Seattle University, officially founded in Spring 2005.

For 15 years so far, we aim to fortify the Filipina through our pillars of academic excellence, community service, cultural awareness, and womxn’s empowerment.

We also aim to contribute to the communities we are a part of, specifically the Asian and Pacific Islander community, and bring awareness to the important issue of children’s literacy.


Our History

The thought of starting a Sisterhood that was geared towards Filipina culture, issues and history started in early 2001. While the interest was high, there was not enough time amongst those interested to actually come together and found the Ates. So as time passed the idea slowly became part of a memory...

Thankfully, the dream was reborn four years later and has finally come together. The Sisterhood known as Pi Nu Iota was officially founded in Spring 2005.

The care and dedication to found this group has materialized into a movement that will unite and bond Filipina Sisters together in the efforts to discover our strength as women and to provide for our younger Sisters a place to grow. Not just grow individually but also to gain a foothold in the university system and introduce each Sister into a culturally founded environment that will strengthen their knowledge and participation in Filipina culture.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a strong and supportive sisterhood that promotes leadership, diligence and strength.

Not only do we want to promote a "safe environment" for our sisters, we also encourage them to further their personal growth through academic excellence, cultural awareness, community service and female empowerment.

We are a shoulder to cry on, a rock to hang on to, a friend to confide in and a force to be reckoned with. We are sisters.

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