The Sisterhood of Pi Nu Iota




“Matatag Na Babae.”


We, the Ates of the Sisterhood of Pi Nu Iota, strive to fortify the Filipina and the communities that they share. We build each other up to create a more cohesive and positive community. We are a shoulder to cry on, a rock to hang on to, a friend to confide in, and a force to be reckoned with. We are sisters.


Who We Are


The Sisterhood of Pi Nu Iota is a Filipinx-interest sisterhood at the University of Washington and Seattle University, officially founded in Spring 2005.

We aim to fortify the Filipina through our pillars of academic excellence, community service, cultural awareness, and womxn’s empowerment.

We also aim to contribute to the communities we are a part of, specifically the Asian and Pacific Islander community, and bring awareness to the important issue of children’s literacy.